Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Civ Topic While looking for an answer to a Civilization 3 specific question,i.e. can I give stealth bombers unlimited range to reflect the way they are used, I did find a useful formula to determine the odds of culture flipping.

The required garrison to prevent captured cities from flipping back is:

G = (Foreign in city+Tiles worked by Foreign Civ)*2(for a looong time*H(1)*(Their total culture/Your total culture)

F=double for resistors, long time=until your cultural points for that city is more then theirs
H=2 for disorder, .5 for We Love the King 1 for normal

So if there is 1 resistor and my culture is just a bit above theirs I need 4 units in the city. If I have 4 times as much culture I need 1 unit. Adjust for city populations and cultures.

The main point of this formula is that it confirms why I don't have problems except for occasionally the enemy capital. I hurry and build roads to captured city, rush built improvements, keep the city in WLTKD, as well as being a culture building fool in all my other cities. The people who go off on long rants about how unrealistic culture flipping is are the ignorant culture-less warmongers. Which I knew. They are about the same ones who go off on flaming rants on the corruption problem as your civilization gets too big.

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