Saturday, August 10, 2002

Easter Lemming Photos OK, sometimes the photos linked from here come through, sometimes they don't. Is it a Yahoo limitation? Will replace with a link to photo instead of image of photo.

I really don't need blogspot. I could just use Yahoo or PDQ or Tripod to host my blog. Then I could include in the blog host a storage file for the photos and not have to link from elsewhere and wonder about them showing up. Blogger just adds a few blogging tools.

Saw Greenway's 8 1/2 Women, a homage to Fellini. Thumbs down.

Coming along on the spreadsheet for worldwide current military forces for Civ 3. Also received RISK 2120 in the mail. I have to look at the rules more closely but can see a few things I want to change. I got started with a 3 person game of this at San Jac con two months ago but the room closed before we got too far.

Might go to San Jacinto college this evening to see if anyone wants to play. Also just to see if wargames group is meeting weekly this month. If they aren't will head to nearby sisters and check out her new pool.

Will see Dad and Jean tomorrow and grill steaks, will try to talk Jim and Amy into going.

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