Sunday, August 11, 2002

I'm up at my Dad's.

Last night found out the San Jacinto college gaming group is meeting over the summer. I did not get to play Risk 2120.

We played Puerto Rico instead. Five people playing. I believe final scores were 51, 50, 37, 35, 22. The college professor who is teaching a class this fall on World History through Games was first. The person whose game it was came in second. I don't remember if the person who was third had played before or not. Me and the person who came in last had never played before. A very good strategic board game.

Dad and I grilled steaks and then we returned his Kodak digital camera to Best Buy for possible repair. It will not download either from cradle or directly, focus and zoom often not working, functions sometimes not working.

Digital cameras and new models of computers with new operating systems from brands with problems in the past are the only things I believe are worth extended warranties. Best Buy seems to have a reasonable system - reasonable warranty prices and non-commission salespeople. Unlike their main competitor Circuit City whose pushy salesman are on commission and are apt to loss their jobs if they do not sale enough extended warranties. No link to Circuit City, I have to recommend something to link to it.

My expertise on these matters is only that I sold electronic products at a department store for several years before moving on to other things.

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