Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Teaching -
Finally was able to do the final interview at Houston Independent School District Human Resources yesterday. I tried to a month ago and they said they weren't doing them then.

Arrive at 2:50 for 3:00 appointment, after calling them at 2:10 to confirm. I wait over an hour. Finally, I get the 15 minute interview (4:05 - 4:20). I am told "Fine, you'll make a great urban school district teacher. Now you need to contact a principal and get hired, but a lot of them may have filled spots already." Why wasn't I told this a month ago? Particularly, as I was originally told over a month ago they were doing the interviews. So I have to schedule last minute interviews to be done in the next few days to try to get a spot in the September alternative certification classes. They also said don't worry about the September class. We will stick you in a classroom with training to be done later if the principal wants to hire you.

Doesn't seem like a very organized way to run a school district.

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