Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Why I am doing this.

I wanted to start logging things that I'm doing or that catch my interest to someplace on the net instead of just using my email application for it. I also think that my collection of files on Outlook Express is getting too large and that might be responsible for the weird things somethimes happening.


Right now, I have just finished up doing a lot of research on current worldwide military forces for a Civ 3 scenario I want to create. I found a lot of stuff today that I didn't manage to find last week. Of course, I start to find it after I broke down and ordered used ISS Military Balances from Barnes and Noble. I was supposed to get a new Social Security card I'll need for teaching job and do laundry but got on the web with a spreadsheet also open and 12 hours later it is time for a late dinner.


I'll pass along a great article about dissent and the American tradition. I didn't know that America the Beautiful was written by a progressive lesbian. Maybe that means I can get my UU Church to include it as a hymnal one day. The only time I tried the Director of Religious Education disapproved. Remind me to start going to church more.

I should mention something about politics or science fiction but I'm curious to see how this posting works and looks.
I'll add more later.

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