Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Busy weekend for me. I was not able to go the the Saturday San Jacinto gaming group at the alternative rain site because of the once a month Saturday meeting with my other main group. I would have liked to have seen Horizon Games.

Last Saturday the 7 PM monthly Bennigans meeting for the Clear Lake Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club lasted until almost midnight. Great, although I really noticed my hearing loss. I can't wait for the monthly Wednesday meeting where we exchange books. I'll bring the recent Hugo winner.

Sunday was for Peter and Carol. I went down to Clear Lake with Pat for a Mexican lunch out. We met a friend of their's from the Larry Niven mailing list. Pat and Carol went to the UU Church to do crafts for a few hours while Peter and the kids and I went to his house. I learned about SimSafari which I really liked. It is a greatly expanded version of an idea I had for an ecological world simulation 25 years ago. Carol and her son later went with Pat and me to a cheap movie theater for Star Wars Episode 2. The movie was better than the last Star Wars, Episode 1, but had many flaws. A problem given that I think Episode 3 will have to be more complicated, with more conflict and high drama, and Lucas could not handle it in number 2.

Peter is almost ready with his short book discussing the flaws in the current Libertarian Party - more on politics page.

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