Thursday, September 26, 2002

Spin and Counter Spin about Farscape cancellation. The next time people can see Farscape is one of the least television viewership days of the year - Dec 24th. Why are they putting their most expensive show on at that time? Is this a Christmas present to Farscape viewers? Very strange.

Isadore went ashore early Thusday, south of New Orleans. One of the four tracking models had predicted it moving that fast straight up. I was not very accurate but still very fortunate for us all. Texas didn't really get that much out of it.

My depression is slowly going away, I'm getting back to normal sleeping schedule. I did have dim sum with my brother, Amy and Pat Sunday. The brocolli was odd but very good, it still had its leaves and I thought it was greens at first I also like the shrimp balls and the sesame coated ball of ??? OK, but I think it was a low ratio of things I really liked. I would prefer Thai. I managed to get Jim's signatures on paperwork, now to give to Charlene.

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