Friday, September 27, 2002

"Spirited Away"

Japanimation godhead Hayao Miyazaki takes a deranged and delightful voyage to the other world, where parents become pigs and the Radish Spirit rides the elevator.

He is the greatest animated director - Porco Rosso is one of my favorite films. What is it about? It is about someone transformed into a pigman, or maybe "about an Italian Air Force pilot who left the service due to the rise of fascism. He became a bounty hunter, assuming the name 'Porco Rosso.' "

Most people love Princess Mononoke and Laputa: The Castle in the Sky.

And this will be in Houston soon:

Texas - Houston » Oct 4, 2002

Cinemark 18
20915 Gulf Freeway
Webster, TX 77598

BTW, one of the highest rated in Rotten Tomatoes history : 99% Fresh.

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