Wednesday, November 27, 2002 - The Sydney Morning Herald Bill Gates is a great big softie
Bill Gates, the world's richest man, is also the most generous donor to good causes, according to Business Week magazine's list of the top 50 US philanthropists.

The Microsoft founder - said to be worth more than $US55 billion - has given or pledged $US25.6 billion since 1998, the report said.

He is also reportedly very smart in his giving - which is primarily directed to world health needs with a lesser focus on libraries and education, but often with the stipulation they use MicroSoft products.

The Linux Journal, promoters of free open source software, note how some of the giving is tied to Window's software as part of a big campaign against the free software movement.

Bill Gates Pumps Money into India, Education, Localization

Rajesh Mahapatra, writing for the Associated Press, commented, "Hoping to stave off a rise in the popularity of free, open-source software, Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates has announced a $400-million-US investment in India." He went on to say, "The three-year initiative--part philanthropy, part business boost--seeks to entrench products of the world's dominant software company in schools and among India's multitude of talented programmers." It was pointed out: "He is donating $421 million to fight Linux (to prop up Windows in India) and only $100 million to fight AIDS."

My looking up Gate's donations was inspired by the watch who noted that he is provided a significant portion of all foreign aid to health care from the developed world.

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