Saturday, November 30, 2002

Thanksgiving up at my Dad's new house in Trinity was good. It was just Dad and Jean, my sister Charlene and her husband Bill, and Pat and myself. For awhile it appeared Pat wasn't coming, due to Charlene and Dad not speaking to her after my Mother's death and then Pat being on-call for the Red Cross Disaster Assistance but everything went OK. We arrived very late, after 1:00, because I started late, a couple slowdown's on I-45, and then my missing a turn for 14 miles and having to back track. I couldn't find the paperwork I need Charlene to sign and get notarized before going up.

Yesterday I was going to get a couple gifts but decided to support No Shopping Day. I read and watched movies, Reds which I hadn't seen before. A love story of radicals at the time of the Russian Revolution. Has a part near the end of a progressive forced to flee to Russia becoming disillusioned even before Stalin. WE Network followed that with Nicholas and Alexandra which I thought was good programming. I didn't watch this as I had seen it before and it is very long.

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