Saturday, November 30, 2002

UK Independent News -- Lunatic fringe

There has long been a suspicion in some quarters that the Moon landings were faked. Nasa, however, has always maintained a dignified silence on the subject. Until now... Andrew Gumbel reports on a new twist in the greatest conspiracy theory of all

We are 100 per cent convinced that there has been a cover-up by Nasa," the authors Richard Hoagland and Michael Bara wrote in a recent paper published at their Star Trek-influenced website www. "That said, one thing they did not do, unquestionably, was fake the Moon landings. In fact, most of the charges made... are so absurd, so easily discredited, so lacking in any kind of scientific analysis and just plain common sense that they give legitimate conspiracy theories like ours a bad name."

And the authors go further: the only possible explanation for Kaysing and his followers, they argue, is that they are themselves government agents publicising the hoax theory as a smokescreen to mislead the public and prevent people from asking questions about the real scandal and the real cover-up.

it figures this was the next step.

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