Tuesday, December 17, 2002

HoustonChronicle.com Leon Hale -- Weird dream had a running theme

The great Houston columnist writes about a dream he had.

I had a somewhat similar one this morning. I was jogging or running on a road through a forest. There was some unknown girlfriend with me. I noticed occasionally we were passing large advanced shuttle spacecraft in among the trees. There were several of these we passed. They had no pads, they were just standing semi-hidden among the trees. I remembered in the dream thinking that they were incomplete, they didn't have all the boosters attached. If NASA wanted to launch them into space they would first have to launch them to where the boosters were stored. That was OK because those were very powerful motors that could get them to the boosters. I remember in my dream they didn't seem like rockets but brilliant white point sources of energy. None of the space craft launched when I ran past them, I just thought about seeing them launching earlier.

At the end of the dream the girl and I ran out of the forest up a hill, I think into a large city.

Vision questing - I had been thinking before dreaming of what I would be doing in 10 years.

This is the type of dream I can figure out if I spend enough time at it. At the time of the first Gulf War, I had a dream about being stopped by police with friends in a car. I had an "Ah Ha! Oh, Wow!" realization that was about the anti-war movement and the government. That dream and how I realized what it meant is too long to go into now.

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