Friday, December 27, 2002

I am supposed to be getting my house ready for a party Sunday. Maybe I should postpone until New Years's Eve, No, this apartment would be even worse for a New Year's Eve party. At least Sunday is supposed to start as a video party and no clear direction after watching Big Trouble - a bad but funny movie to wrap up a bad year. Not enough room in living room for a bigger party and bedrooms are unusable. Can I use $100 to replace bedroom tomorrow?

Have word that at least one of my Taken videotapes is not what it is supposed to be. Person relayed it was BBC instead of Taken. I can't see how that happened unless I somehow taped over it. Very odd, I even labeled those. Reminds me of giving two unlabeled tapes to my brother assuring him that one was Until the End of the World - great - and him discovering, nope, neither.

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