Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Roswell Smoking Gun and witnesses who have broken with the secrecy.

An excellent site with lots of links. One section is over the newspaper reports of over 80 UFO sightings in New Mexico area in June and July 1947, about half before Roswell and half after. Worth drilling down even if the images of the memo are too blurry to convince a skeptic.

This is the site that has the Roswell memo pictures. The site doesn't mention another possible origin of the memo - the photographer had stated that it was his memo directing him to take photos. With the competing information and disinformation stories I am not sure what to make of that. This site also doesn't mention the transport plane crash near Roswell that was covered-up in the national media but found in one of the small town papers. That supports the Roswell UFO crash theory. The primary support now is all the people involved talking and the government actions that show there was a coverup. High ranking military officers have come forward and the official military position is to ignore them.

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