Friday, February 07, 2003

Our Bobcat

We have a bobcat running around that has been videotaped in Pasadena, which is very, very odd.

Bobcats usually weigh around 30 to 50 pounds and are mainly nocturnal.

Pasadena Citizen

People are getting to see wildlife in an urban area," Snitkin said. "On the outskirts and suburbs of Harris County, this is a common animal, but it's not a common animal to see. People can coexist with this animal without any problem."

Police officials believe the two videotapes show only one bobcat, but there have been other reports.

"Where there's one, there's going to be two," Snitkin said.

The bobcat on videotape turned on a light attached to a motion detector but made no movements of surprise when the light came on.

"That wasn't his first time to walk down that sidewalk, I guarantee it," Spitzer said.

"A cat in a cage becomes very aggressive," Snitkin said. "If people try to corner this cat, they will have one good fight on their hands."

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