Friday, February 28, 2003

This and That on NASA and other Tech Stuff

LiveWire: Blog publishers stealing Web limelight I'm hip and new and business oriented.

HouChron One: My theory since day one on what happened to the shuttle at bottom of article. Damaged on takeoff by the equivalent of a brick or bricks weighing about 3 pounds hitting at approximately 500 mph at the most vulnerable location. This creates a burn thru on re-entry. The sequence of sensors burning out was predicted by the engineers.

HouChron Two -- Russia will bring ISS crew home

About the NASA engineer debates in NYTimes:

"Why are we talking about this on the day before landing and not the day
after launch?" William Anderson, NASA engineer, Jan 31 2003

This last one from Teresa

"Any more activity today on the tile damage or are people just relegated to
crossing their fingers and hoping for the best?
See ya,

---E-mail from Robert H. Daugherty, NASA engineer, Jan 28 2003

In the Houston Chronicle, expanded from the NYTimes: as engineers debate how seriously the shuttle was damaged, some unknown higher-ups decided to withdraw request for the military to photograph the shuttle - No details on this, just the e-mail debates that higher-ups didn't see.

Artificial Stupidity Parts One and Two
The personal side of the quest for A.I, feuds and libels and mental problems.

4 pictures -- The New WTC design. A 1776 foot tall green pencil, office buildings, underground parking and a deep memorial.

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