Monday, April 21, 2003

Earth Day

Rice University had a small Earth Day celebration Saturday. A couple of Democratic groups, Green Party, a number of electric vehicles from a club in Houston, a fair number of nature connected booths, a couple of nature connected companies, a League of Women Voters booth. Entertainment for kids and a comedy troupe, polynesian dancers, greek dancers, singer-songwriters, and others for adults.

Went to Butera's for dinner later. Great salads, sandwiches are hit-or-miss. Polynesian chicken sandwich sounded much better than it tasted. Very quiet and large, would be a great place for a Houston inner loop book group meeting.


I have been taking care of the four dogs and two cats at Charlene's which is a pain. They have to be feed twice a day and are friendly but dumb, all of them.

Clear Lake Book Group Meeting

Monday night was King-Bo meeting of Clear Lake Book group. Conan and Jennifer didn't show up to collect the Peace Record CD I made for them in exchange for the CD they gave me of medieval songs. Raine borrowed it instead. I need to make a copy for me. The CD took off-and-on three weeks to make. Richard or Mindy also weren't there to collect her German movie videotape. Still was ten people at the meeting even with absences. We will meet there again although noone is crazy about the food. Best are the mushrooms, the steamed dumplings, the vegetable soup, and the flan. You can also make a standard salad. A fair amount of typical uninspired Chinese and Mexican(!) food. We could hear each other very well and seperate checks were no problem although they added a 10% tip. Still came out less than other restaurants we had been going to.

There were announcements about the Thursday meeting of the inner loop group and there is a Baytown poet and writer group starting. Next meeting is Saturday at Fuddrucker's and then back to King-Bo. Maybe after that one of the new restaurants they are building near there will open up. This evening I have an alternative certification meeting.

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