Sunday, April 13, 2003

I am so mad at Blockbuster.

I had a gift certificate card and bought "Y Tu Mama' Tambie'n" in the Unrated edition with all the bonus material a couple of months ago. Finally I watched it with Pat tonight and noticed I couldn't find the bonus material. I also had problems getting the wide screen to work and saw the R rating at the beginning but couldn't judge that not having seen it in the theaters.

After Pat left I took it to my computer and looked up files and there was no extra material and it was R rated.

I looked it up on the internet - Blockbuster refuses to carry any unrated, X-rated or NC-17. This movie was given as one example of the clout they carry - they refused to carry it without it being cut to an R rating. They also just eliminated all the extras for whatever reason. In at least in my case they stuck it in the same box as the unrated special edition describing all the special features that tape didn't have. Technically I am over my 30 day return time limit but I could get them on fraud and false advertising.

Ebert writes about how Blockbuster and Wal-Mart were even worse before because they refused to carry letterbox and had been instructing people to rewind their DVD's before returning.

I'm very mad at them and Pat just gave me 10 free rental coupons with them from some phone company for switching to a lower rate.

I think I will use the coupons, they will be out potential rental money because I won't buy or rent anything else.

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