Monday, May 19, 2003

Happy Fun Pundit has the Top Ten Things He Hates About Star Trek.

10. Noisy doors.
You can't walk three feet in a starship without some door whooshing or screeching at you. My office building has automatic sliding doors. They're dead silent. If those doors went "wheet!" every time a person walked through them, about once a month some guy in accounting would snap and go on a shooting rampage. Sorry Scotty, the IEEE has revoked your membership until you learn to master WD-40

Which I thought was OK but not great.

He was then accused of trolling for hits and responded with - Top 10 Upcoming Blog Entries

10. Why I think Fox Mulder is gay.
9. Best science fiction movie ever: Laserblast.
8. Linux: Operating System For Little Girly Boys.
7. I love the RIAA.
6. The best captain on Star Trek ever: Commodore Decker.
5. It's a good thing the two young lesbians on Buffy the Vampire Slayer were killed off.
4. The vampire Lestat is a big weenie. The only thing that saved the character was Tom Cruise's acting.
3. Saddam Hussein: Misunderstood Genius.
2. The second trilogy of the Star Wars films is WAY better than the first.
1. Who should play the next Indiana Jones? Carrot Top.

Which is much better.

One comment struck me -- Reminds of the most-controversial posts contest at Slate's Forum. I seem to remember "Jesus had it coming" and "These are my 10 favorite races, in order."

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