Sunday, May 04, 2003

Lastest on me

I went to Miller Outdoor Theater for the first Island Sounds Free Show. Some of the music was good. D.R.U.M. and some of the other reggae.

Picked up take-out from Fusion Cafe in Rice Village - Brown Stew Chicken and Curry Chicken meals with salad with honey mustard dressing, cabbage, Jamaican rice, and stir-fried vegetable strips as the side dishes. They tossed in some potatoes with the chicken with curry seasonings and a free spiced tea as well. Sweet corn bread also came with it, sweeter than Jiffy mix. Pat thought they were desert sweet. They are great with their seasonings except for the cabbage which was watery and no seasoning. It tasted much better mixing some curry seasoning from the chicken in it. I had noticed nefore their greens were flat and dull and their cabbage is the same way. However, terrific service, terrific food overall, and great take-out for Miller.

I tried to see my brother first at work than at home but he had taken the day off to see a friend at the opening of a play. Pat and I ended up talking to Amy's mother Sue for hours about politics.

Saturday I did not go to see X-Men 2 but did go to Fuddruckers for the Clear Lake Book group meeting. Too noisy. Next time I will get one of their huge chicken salads someone else had. Main thing interesting there was that Michelle had very informed opinions about my Watchmen graphic novel and the history and repression of comics in the Fifties and the rise of super-heroes in American comics.

Melinda called earlier and said to call Richard's number but no answer and they weren't at the meeting.

There was a report on the 13 people showing up at the first inner loop meeting and an implied request to move some books to non-circulating to free up room in the group book boxes. If people haven't checked them out by this time it is time for new stuff. Pat brought a lot of books and I believe just one was loaned out.

My apartment has been messier than ever and I am trying to clean it for a get together for movies this month. I have been distracted by the newest version of Civ 3, Play the World. I highly recommend it even if you don't want to play online. It adds tons of easier playablility features and lots of scenarios.

I played an only 6-hour modern scenario of the new Civ. I was way ahead on points, advancements and culture and was debating ending the game within a few turns with a space victory when I lost. I had forgotten France had the UN and they called a vote and everyone voted against me. I was playing the Americans. Interesting as I had taken out the Arabs in a swift military campaign shortly before.. Unlike someone else, I also knew to bring enough troops to pacify the cities and save some infrastructure. Later I loaded a 5 turns earlier auto-backup and militarily pacified them as the only way to stop the vote.

No progress on job search since I decided against a teaching career. I brought little bags of green tea and coffee to my brother and wondered how much delivering other little baggies payed! :-) I saw Go on DVD the other night. That movie explores the bad things about that option. I picked up the DVD at Fry's, the Geek Superstore (old Salon Article) which has a much better price than Amazon.

I owe an email to someone, gotta go.

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