Saturday, May 31, 2003

A new fan writes about Babylon-5

The possible "I hate you . . ." post title comes from the realization that all of you on this list told me I would grow into B5 after watching the series mature. I just finished the last episode and . . . you were RIGHT! Now I hate you because I don't have season 2 in my hands, ready to watch. The Post Exchange doesn't have it. My friend has ordered it but he'll probably watch it first(that a..hole). (We agreed on this: he'll buy B5 and I'll get the SG-1 DVD sets and we'll share. I have SG-1 season 3 pre-ordered.) After watching "Chrysalis", my appetite for B5 season 2 is quite acute.

Who ever told me to get over Laurel Takashima was almost right; Ivanova is starting to "rock" (but I re-watched "The Gathering" after the season finale and I do like Takashima, probably a libido thing). Garibaldi has definitely grown into his part.

I understand Sinclair is not in season 2. This saddens me. I know from 30 years military experience I would have enjoyed a few more commanders like him. PLEASE DON'T tell me what his fate is. I know he is not gone from the series as "Babylon Squared" reveals and there is still the unresolved 24 hours he spent after capture by the Minbari.

I'm really impressed by the way the threads interweave dovetail in "Chrysalis." Events are poised for things to burst out in season 2. This is probably the most coherent, intriguing, and ripe with anticipation season ending cliffhanger of any of the most popular SF series. Most series such as Star Trek (even SG-1, my favorite ('til now maybe)) leave you hanging on one huge event that must, and will, be resolved in the next episode. These have only one question to be answered and that is "How will they solve the problem." There is never any doubt a reasonable happy solution will be found and it will be one that meets my expectations. B5 left me with several smaller, yet no less significant events to ponder possible solutions. Having watched the Earth President's assassination, I [am] very sure not every thread will end "happily ever after", my expectations be damned.

My favorite episodes:

1. The Parliament of Dreams
2. Babylon Squared
3. A Voice in the Wilderness (I & II)
4. Legacies

Least Favorite:

1. Eyes (The colonel with the chip on his shoulder was way, way too over the top. Bad acting killed this one for me.)

George A

P.S. I don't really hate you, but you got me . . . I'm Hooked and can't wait for season 2.

This was from the Larry Niven list serve.

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