Friday, September 12, 2003

Houston Middle-of-the-Night Munchies?

Chapultepec 813 Richmond Ave. The tacos are right on, and many a Chapulte-pecker has sang the joys of the Queso Flameado

Mai's 3403 Milam St. The deep-bowled Bun dishes, beds of vermicelli noodles with various accompaniments, are winners, both flavorful and deceptively filling. A trip to Mai's isn't complete without ordering the Goi Cuon (spring roll appetizers that feature shrimp, pork, vegetables and vermicelli wrapped in rice paper). Iced coffee or soy milk!

Bibas One's A Meal 2019 W. Gray True to diner form, breakfast is champion here, and the cooks make some mean home-fries (ask for extra onion). The burgers and pies are mediocre, but that's easily forgotten once you order the stellar shakes, especially chocolate.

La Jaliscience Taqueria 1308 Montrose. I was impressed with the quality of the hastily-prepared meal of Huevos con Papas: eggs and potatoes with rice, beans and tortillas. Be sure to try the Pollo Jaliscience, grilled chicken with Monterey jack cheese, mushrooms, guacamole and tortillas.

Spanish Flower 4701 N. Main (In the Heights). The Margaritas here are among the best in town. The Enchiladas Verdes are great anytime, the tomatillo sauce a perfect accent to the succulently moist chicken, and the fajitas leave you blissfully full. Breakfast here is also original. The memorable Spanish omelets and pork chop plates make the wait worth it.

Andy's in the Heights 1115 East 11th St.. I was impressed with the Bistec a la Mexicana, loin cubes with peppers and onions.

Charlie's Diner 1102 Westheimer. You'd be crazy to do anything but breakfast here. The biscuits are bigger than the coffee mugs, and the hash browns make you want to run home to Mom with the recipe.

House of Pies
3112 Kirby Dr. Monte Crisco sandwichs, though even my mother has been here and knows that French Silk pie is where it's at.

Also many Denny's, International House of Pancakes, and Waffle Houses. Skillet's is also a local chain, wait for after 10 PM and get their breakfast buffet.

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