Tuesday, November 11, 2003

My Emergency Heart and Blood Pressure Diet.

This is related to the DASH diet and a diet mentioned in one of my Carbo-Addicts books. So far I am losing a pound a day on it. It is supposed to be lowering my blood pressure and preventing heart attacks and strokes.

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Today I took it easy and went to Crenshaw Park and looked at the ducks, turtles, and people and then took an early dinner at the Noodle House with Pat. I had 1 1/2 spring rolls with mint, vermicelli, shrimp and chicken in rice wrappers with peanut sauce and carrots. (My brother doesn't like spring rolls, he says they taste like condoms.) I also had 2/3rds of a large bowl of Beef Pho soup. Vermicelli is permitted on my diet as well as all the lean meat and fresh greens I add. I guess the traditional eraser meatballs count as lean meat as well.

I also watched Pat's neighbors - two kittens. She is down to two gray cats - one long-hair and one short but a neighborhood cat has had kittens.

I thought I was supposed to go complete my county paperwork but I misheard the day as Tuesday. Wrong - I get to start again tomorrow.

I didn't feel like going to a con meeting. They are discussing a convention for next summer. Either the pills or lack of exercise was making me tired after walking a mile around the lake at Crenshaw Park - about one mile, I took a shortcut.

I think Pat went to get a Perm tonight, first time in three years. She says she is getting ready for job interviews as well as speaking to city council about the Strawberry Road extension. She went to Towne Square mall talking with department store managers this morning to persuade them to contact city hall. The extension will divert traffic away from the Mall - contrary to stated goals of the transportation plan. The 2nd Century Committee have also taken Pasadena Blvd. improvements off the plan which would have helped the mall.

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