Thursday, December 18, 2003

Journal entry

Looks like I have a dinner Friday Night with Conan and Jennifer and their friends at 7:30, the big SF party Saturday from 5:30 to Midnight, and Movie and Dinner Sunday. Sometime before Wednesday evening I will consider Christmas shopping. Wednesday evening I will probably spend with Pat and Thursday day (Christmas) at my sister's with family - including Jim and Amy! It would also be good to see Jim and Amy at Sue's sometime soon too.

My weight has stabilized at just over 200 down from 232 December 31st 1999 and 4 pounds below last year at this time. This is down just over 10 pounds from my stroke-like event. I was around 212 at the time of the stroke but 215 just before.

Life is marginally better but not much. I need to get a job of any kind to be back in the habit of having a job and I still consider myself not functioning normally. I have not done that although I do have a promising application in at ACSS, my old security company.

I have tried to get out of bed early to do things for two weeks now and failed. When I do get up early I can't get moving before noon, distracted by computer, breakfast, reading, burrowing under the blankets because it is cold, or some excuse.

A distraction since seeing my Dad and borrowing money and fixing his PC has been problems with my PC. I finally fixed it today but not how I want it. When I had open windows sometimes/often when moving my mouse the computer and my mouse would go crazy, acting like it was moving randomly all over the screen rapidly pushing all the mouse buttons. Repeatedly things would pop up and happen as if I had done a sequence of steps like go to the corner, right click properties, or go open a new program, etc. After several tries of restoring and virus checking and playing with mouse properties I tried installing an old optical mouse I haven't used. I wasn't able to get it to working but the updated software for it did enable another scroll mouse to work without problems. I would like the optical mouse to work but I have tried it on both USB and PS-2 without luck.

Yesterday Pat took me out to Popeye's and told me her bad day at the dentist. She found out her dentist that was trying to install a crown had broken off the tip of a pin inside her tooth and that was why she sent her to a specialist to drill it out! Her dentist stupidly hadn't told her, just that she needed to see a specialist. She also didn't like the specialist because he wouldn't explain things to her or consider her requests and she walked out on him after getting an X-ray taken.

Right as we pulled into Popeye's her connecting rod to her gas peddle popped out and we had to call my sister and her husband the mechanic. He found the problem and popped it back in and told her to go to a dealer and get a new one this week. I think my blood pressure may be getting lower, I am cold a lot more. Kept going back inside at Popeye's because of the cold, which didn't seem to bother anyone else.

Read Consider Phlebas by Ian M. Banks that I bought years ago and seemed to have missed reading. Very good and a basic introduction to the far future Culture society.

Some of the things I haven't done are to call and cancel cable, make a bank deposit - canceling overdrawn condition, and call to get my kitchen sink fixed.

Returned an email to my brother today, he wanted to just get in his car very soon and move to Canada with his wife. I asked him what preparations he had made for that, was it simply from frustration with things he could work to improve here, and to consider South of the border instead. I have always wanted to live in Costa Rica, or else Spain, or Greece - not Canada. I forgot to keep a copy for myself but when I get a reply it may have one.

I have several essays I keep mulling over in my head and not posting in my political blog.

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