Monday, December 01, 2003

Who Plays Electronic Games?

Challenging the stereotype that video gaming is the domain of teenage boys, an industry group Tuesday reported that more women over 18 than young boys are playing games and the average age of players has risen to 29.

A poll released by the Entertainment Software Association and conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates found 26% of game players are women 18 or older, while 21% are boys 6 to 17.

I haven't played games much since July 3rd when I got involved in the Dean campaign - where I am currently on hiatus. I think I did a few game weeks of conquering the world as Brazil - Pax Latino, in SuperPower a few nights.

There is both a new Civilization modpack out and a World 2004 being released which I should be enthused about but I'm not much interested.

Up at my Dad's for Thanksgiving I did get my butt kicked at computer Poker and tried Hoyle's version of Spades, both in the game pack I gave him. The game was cool in that you could design your own character (avatar) and it actually looked somewhat like you. He says he is getting good at poker and he might continue practicing to then go online.

One of my problems is that my PC is finally obsolete. It took awhile but even the minimal budget recomended system this past week in a Christmas column now has a higher speed than mine.

Hmm, I have a game blog and this and a previous entry really might better belong in it. I'll just link to here instead.

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