Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Love Hurts, or Ten Great Myths about Dating for the Lonely and Brokenhearted

1. There are plenty of fish in the sea

This is almost true. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Unfortunately, by the time you pass 30 most of them have been thrown back by someone else. If they're not caviar, they're cat food.

(Note: people in relationships use this adage to reassure those of us who are not. The only adequate response is to pray that their relationships break up calamitously. Ha! See how bloody reassuring they find it then.)

2. It is better to be single and lonely than to be attached and discontent

It is better to be attached, discontent, and having sex regularly than to be single and having no sex at all.

...and 8 more. Would you say he is a little bitter, frustrated and depressed?

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