Saturday, April 10, 2004

Pat was on TV yesterday.

Cable News24 Houston did a feature on the Strawberry Extension creating citizen anger. It is also here.

Pasadena's population boom also means more traffic problems. [This doesn't really have anything to do with that.]

The city lacks enough north-south corridors, and now officials are planning to fix that problem. [This is a 40 or more year old plan.]

But the community is upset because the project will remove homes and businesses.

"It's like walking back in history. We still handwrite our tickets, load nails one pound at a time. We still carry a lot of the older stuff for the older houses in this neighborhood," said South Texas Lumber Company Manager Mark Masters.

But Masters' days at the unique Art Deco-style building his business calls home may be numbered.

It, along with almost three dozen homes and businesses along parts of Pasadena Boulevard and Scott Street, are being taken out in the name of progress.

Pasadena Blvd will be widened from four to six lanes north of Harris [Wrong], and an extension will be added connecting Strawberry Road to Pasadena Blvd along Scott Street.

"I think the mobility issue is an enormous one. We're in a community here that does not have a strong track record of maintaining its infrastructure," said Pasadena spokesperson Dave Benson.

More than 1,500 people have signed a petition letting the city know they aren't happy about the plan.

"There are a lot of things that cities do, some of which truly need doing and some of which don't, and some of which need doing but could be done in a different way," said Pat Van Houte.

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