Saturday, April 17, 2004

Perfect Cookies

While living in Melbourne Australia, I was introduced to the World's Most Perfect Cookie, the Tim Tam. The Tim Tam is so amazing, I bought a large suitcase and stuffed it full of them before I left Oz. Somewhere around 50 packages. I had an interesting time declaring that at customs.

Customs Agent: And what's in this bag?

Me: Cookies

Customs Agent: The entire bag is filled with cookies?

Me: Uh...yeah.

Customs Agent: Can you open the bag sir?

You can order Tim Tams here in the states through Simply Australian. I suggest you order them by the case. Seriously!

Tim Tam Slam
There is a ritual to eating Tim Tams. It should be faithfully followed. The Tim Tam is a rectangular sandwich cookie, covered in chocolate. The trick is to bite off opposite corners of the cookie and dunk one of the bitten ends into a cup of coffee. Then on the other end, suck the coffee through the cookie as if it were a straw. Once you feel the cookie begin to give, pop the entire thing into your mouth. It will collapse into a wondrous slush of chocolate and coffee. Orgasm is possible.

One other quick mention is a restaurant I discovered in Oz, Nando's.

Warning: Vegetarians should skip the next part.

"Portuguese speciality, PERi-PERi chicken which has a truly unique taste. Fresh, never-frozen, A-grade chickens are butterfly-cut and immediately marinated in the top-secret Nando?s marinade for a full 24 hours to ensure that the flavour penetrates right through the meat. The chicken is flame-grilled right in front of the customer and basted thoroughly with the customer?s choice of sauce: Lemon & Herb for the not so brave, Medium PERi-PERi for the slightly more adventurous and Hot or Extra Hot PERi-PERi for the real daredevils. Flame-grilling the chicken means that half the fat of the chicken literally disappears in the process, and the result ? the finest tasting chicken in the world."

el - there are some grilled marinated Mexican chicken places that sound similar - Taco Cabana for one - but they don't offer a choice of spiciness. They do have a salsa bar for you to make modifications.

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