Thursday, September 08, 2005

I upgraded to Windows XP from Windows Me.

Overall very favorable despite two huge problems in updating.

Installation stalled for several hours.

When finally installed I downloaded the most up to date NVIDEA display driver along with other updates. The driver didn't work with my system and switched to a 640-480 minimal colors display, large fonts. With the display change buttons to switch display mode were stuck off the screen. Messing around with it for hours - a couple times crashing XP. I was finally forced to go to the previous restore point and lose the last updates. Have also had problems with cookies and bookmarks.

Good news - it seems more stable and the video display and monitor and sound drivers are better than Me - better video and sound. (Even without that newer NVIDEA driver.) Slower startup. Slightly fast execution. Getting used to Windows Media even if I use WinAmp for some radio. Uses more memory but I haven't pared that down like I did with Me yet. (I was down to 88% of 640 MB RAM available after maxmem, ZoneAlarm and AVG Virus Control Center loaded on Windows Me.)

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