Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Putting Seniors behind the wheel - special devices, new models coming soon.
Ingress and egress

Swivel Seat Cushion
Getting in and out of a car becomes much simpler with this Swivel Seat Cushion — ideal for people who suffer from limited mobility or hip pain. This padded seat is 15 inches in size and turns 360 degrees.
Price: $24.99
Phone: 888-940-0605

Handybar Car Aid
A support handle that helps you out of the car safely and securely. Handybar inserts into the U-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame, can be used on both driver and passenger side doors and supports up to 350 pounds.
Price: $34.99
Phone: 888-940-0605

Power Turnout Seat
As demonstrated on the PT Cruiser, this electric powered seat will rotate (around 90 degrees) making getting into and out of a car much easier. The Turnout seat can be installed on both drivers and passenger sides and will fit in many different cars and minivans. The Turnout is also available in manual form.
Price: $2,200 installed (price may vary)
Phone: 800-462-0664

Photos of several installed seats. More photos.

Many other products listed.

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