Thursday, October 06, 2005

Siren - A MP3 WMA 512MB player/recorder for $ 68 at Walmart and Sam's

It is really hard to beat this price and features.

MP3 and WMA......................Check
FM Radio and Recording......Check
Mic for Voice Recording.....Check
SD/MMC Expansion slot.......Check
Freakin' Cheap....................Check

16 hour battery life on an AAA. Comes in Red, Blue, and Black models, and ships with a coupon for 10 free songs from Walmart's online music store plus 10 songs installed. Quite small (2.3"(W) x 1.8"(H) x 0.7"(D).


Gary said...

Looked at Fry's and this still seemed the best buy particularly as you can also add memory cards of up to 1 gig.

The only disadvantage is the lack of a holding device like a belt clip or a place to put a chain. The notch in the corner where you should be able to put a chain is filled in, (the back corner covered by 10 bonus logo in picture.) The aftermarket will take care of holders meanwhile look for others for small square MP3 players and memory devices.

Other comments - to get out of FM mode press stop for 4 seconds which turns it off. FM and voice record are very low resolution. MP3 play includes variable rate. Itunes AAR and Og Vorbis not supported. WAVs are supported as well as WMA lossless. Can be used as file transfer device.

Siren is a new brand - looks developed by Walmart with Creative Labs. Their Zen Nano is very similar.

Gary said...

Forgot a disadvantage, you can only sort by artist, album, genre, and all songs and in these you can only play one song or all. So the only way to get playlists on the device or the memory cards is to tag them all with a genre or album name before loading.

The 12 songs it comes with are three each from four obscure artists. None great, some listenable.

To take advantage of your free Walmart downloads is pretty easy but Walmart only downloads at 128 WMA. If you want more they have a slight discount from other American companies on pricing - songs $0.88 and most albums $9.44.