Monday, December 19, 2005

Genre and Gaming News

March 17-19, 2006

A Fanfic Con that will take place in Houston for genners, shippers and slashers. Have no idea what that means? I am not sure either so start here: Fan fiction - Wikipedia.

ApolloCon III - Houston's Only General Science Fiction and Fantasy Con will be June 23-25, 2006 with Guest Peter S. Beagle, America's greatest living fantasy author. Peter Beagle is also releasing his first major new novel in 12 years next year. This is a multi-interest general con notable last year for it's strong science track.

Owlcon XXV February 10 - 12, 2006

The Southwest's best gaming convention at an amazingly low price in Houston. Three days of more games than you could throw a stick, die, disk, wand, card, miniature, book, fist, sword, person or tankard of ale at.

BoucherCon and Love is Murder are the main Mystery Conventions I know about next year.

The World Fantasy Con will be in Austin this year. For all cons now is a good time to get tickets at a discount.

My next event to attend is Amy's New Year's Eve Party. Here is a recent photo of Amy, in blue, taken at Barnes and Noble with a fan clutching the book containing her new fiction. (This photo is hosted at a site with a competing party.)

The Christmas Party this past Saturday at David's was pretty good. There was a problem of nearly all desserts and little real food brought. The people who arrived on time were glad to see my two pizzas and had just ordered two more. A smaller crowd than the past two years and this time spread out mainly downstairs where the heaters were. There was one or two conflicting parties and the weather was damp and cold. Peak crowd only around 35. The event had more of a trashed warehouse feel this time and David seeems to add more strange lighting. Only three small games with a few people were played the whole event - Fluxx, Star Munchkin, and San Juan. I only played in the last which is a faster simpler Puerto Rico, if you remember the rules and instruct the new guy properly.

David played one of his animated music videos for most of the party. Much more interesting played late was a documentary of robotic destruction events in Europe followed by a Blue Man concert on his very large projection screen. Party much better later as it broke into small conversation pits and I could hear better. Pat went separately which is good as she was called out to a fire very early by the Red Cross and went with her visiting boyfriend.

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