Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How to be Happy

Too Much Coffee Man
Grab a book like How To Be Happy (Too Much Coffee Man) - Shannon Wheeler

Read it while drinking some coffee, doctored with real cream and real sugar and the fortification(s) of your choice.

Have a Peach Melba.

Peach Melba, in honour of the Australian Singer, Nellie Melba. During 1892 and 1893, Madame Melba lived at the Savoy Hotel. She was singing at Covent Garden Opera House, and Escoffier, who was passionately interested in the theatre, was an enthusiastic listener.

The Majestic Swan which appears on the scene, gave him the idea of preparing a surprise for the brilliant singer. The following evening Melba had invited some friends to dinner. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Escoffier had peaches served on a bed of vanilla ice-cream in a metal dish, set between two wings of a magnificent swan, shaped out of a block of ice and covered with a layer of icing sugar.

lt was on the day of the opening of the Carlton Hotel, London, that Escoffier decided on the flavour which was to give this dessert its real claim to distinction. Out of the whole range of fruit flavours, he chose raspberry, thus "Peach Melba" officially came into being.

You can sprinkle this with high fiber cereal for crunch and good digestion.

I think there is something else I forgot....

Ahh, give someone a hug and see what else you can get away with.

ADDED - A study just confirms - The recipe for success: get happy and you will get ahead in life

· Feeling good 'is cause, not effect, of achievement'
· Same principle applies to nations, academics claim

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