Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mysterious Aerial Contrails over Nevada

Las Vegas Tribune - Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas

'Chemtrails' In Las Vegas Skies - Pt. 2
Las Vegas residents are increasingly noticing the appearance of long-lingering chemical trails overhead. They appear virtually every weekend and on most weekdays, the only exception being the two weeks after September 11, 2001. Such "chemtrails" are substantially different in appearance to the normal 'condensation' trails left by jet airliners. The difference is that while condensation trails are composed largely of water vapor that dissipates rapidly, "chemtrails" linger much longer and spread out over time to eventually cover the sky with a thin haze.

Scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirmed to the Ohio newspaper, Columbus Alive, that they were involved in aerial spraying experiments. One involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming and the other involved barium stearate and had to do with high-tech military communications.

And even in the face of government denials, environmental laboratories have begun to identify an extremely toxic component of the spray drifting over cities and countryside. Several independent sources claim that samples of fallout from the lingering smoke trails and have been independently tested and found to contain ethylene dibromide (EDB).

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