Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Party Invitation

3rd Annual
Houston Combined Science Fiction and Fantasy - Book/Movie/TV/Video/Music/Art/Game and Other Fun related Christmas Party

Brought to you by the SF Book Network
Hou_Sci-Fi_Video and Sci-Fi Meetup Groups
(All Houston Genre clubs, groups, and individual fans are welcome.)

10100 Clay Road Suite G (Clay Road @ Gessner)
(713) 895-0115

Saturday Dec. 17th, 7:00 p.m.

BYOB / PotLuck
(Soda, chips and Popcorn provided.)

Game tables will be set up for any games you bring.
( I have Blokus, Octiles, San Juan and Citadels.)


What is the place like?

Brent calls it "A converted industrial facility made over as discotech videodrome." It's an Office/Warehouse space with the upstairs warehouse equipped with large video screens and night club lighting. The warehouse portion has central cooling, but no central heat. If it's cold, bring a jacket. Cool videos will be shown (Animusic 2 and Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem, we may play DVD based party games, board games and plenty of socializing.

What food should I bring?
Anything you want, but it would be a good idea to bring all service platters and utensils.

Is there a kitchen to heat things up?
There are 2 microwaves and a "toaster oven", but no oven or stove. Please, no frozen pizzas. No way to cook it. There will be power strips available to bring your own crock pot, hot plate, or warming pan.

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