Monday, December 05, 2005

Pasadena Icon for sale on Ebay SOLD!

Kept at the Pasadena Cowboy Ranch Restaurant and Museum for years now, the original Gilley's sign that marked the entrance to the honkytonk is now up for auction on EBay, and the biding has already reached as high a $10,000.

The last remnants of the club were demolished Nov. 8.

The Cowboy Ranch Cafe and Museum is a good place to wander and look at things and an OK place to eat. The chicken fried steaks, fajitas, burgers, and margaritas are your best bets. It hurts that they are down the street from Kelley's which has some good Southern dishes like what I call the mutant baked potato and huge salads and great cobblers as well as the bit further down the too noisy but pretty good Gringo's and Mamacita's for Mexican. Good Tex-Mex at Gringo's, I like the margaritas and Yucatan dishes at Mamacita's.

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