Friday, January 27, 2006


Finally saw Bubba Ho-Tep, Bruce Campbell's best movie. (Not saying that much - he is mainly a low budget horror and sci-fi star.) This is a much better story than movie which drags in spots. The original short story is by Texas legend Joe Lansdale who I met at Aggie Con one year. Check out his short stories and Texas-horror-mystery novels or his recent SF romp.

Bruce may have another good movie coming out according to what his web site says.

Shortly before watching Bubba Ho-Tep I saw his movie Alien Apocalypse which is a 'so bad it's funny' tale of astronauts coming back from a deep space voyage to find Earth enslaved by giant termites who came to steal our wood.

I also have his Man with the Screaming Brain. They were a SF Network double feature which Brent taped and later gave me. I might be in the right mood to watch that some day. Both of these were Sci-Fi Channel productions and then to DVD which should tell you something about the quality.

His website tells me Bruce has written a popular biography If Chins Could Kill : Confessions of a B Movie Actor.

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