Thursday, January 26, 2006

That's some good yogurt

My sister-in-law Amy is looking into the benefits of buffalo milk and the great tasting and healthy Water Buffalo Milk Yogurt.
Muller has turned his love of the gourmet treat into a business venture by founding Star Hill Dairy on a Vermont farm he bought three years ago. In March, he began producing buffalo yogurt, a thick, fluffy concoction that more closely resembles cheesecake than conventional yogurt. And this summer, he'll begin making fresh buffalo mozzarella, which he calls far smoother and creamier than the "rubbery, stringy" cheese derived from cow's milk. "In Italy, unless it's made with buffalo milk, it can't be called mozzarella," says Muller...

I also am a fan on non-lowfat yogurt. It was on my over 9 week trip to Europe that I discovered the incredible taste of Greek whole fat Yogurt with honey or fruit. Water Bufalo Yogurt looks even creamier.

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