Sunday, February 26, 2006

From SF Signal

SF Signal: SFWA Nebula Awards Final Ballot

Best SF&F of the year with links to most. I must not be reading enough, I've read zero.

Here is more from SF Signal originally from Locus on the state of the SF&F genre publishing industry.

The most useful and interesting content was in a comment - types of original genre books:
SF Novels*: 258
Fantasy Novels*: 414
Horror Novels*: 212
Anthologies: 89
Collections: 107
Media-Related: 198
Art/Humor/Poetry: 45
History/Criticism: 50
Omnibus: 47
Misc: 5
* Includes young adult titles

So, of the ~1465 original books, almost 200 (~13%) were media-related.

And another, a professor at Emory University is offering a Political Science course entitled Science Fiction and Politics and he's making the lectures available as podcasts.

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