Sunday, February 26, 2006

Give the little girl the head - Fish a la Plancha at Tampico. But Robb Walsh says he had bad luck at other Mexican seafood places in Houston. He should have tried the plancha at the other places too. That is Pat's favorite dish, a fried or breaded and grilled snapper covered with onions and garlic. Also the Vuelva a la vida seafood cocktail or the less expensive version as a tostada are great elsewhere too. Too bad the Arandas OstionerĂ­a with the free beer in Pasadena closed although other locations without the free beer are still in Houston.

He ends up recommending Tampico for great seafood except their too washed raw oysters and Connie's for cheap seafood lunches. I agree and am not impressed with Connies except for their special prices. Both on Airline across from the farmer's market.

I dislike the new Houston Press online style. And what is with this "cafe" instead of "restaurant?" At least Walsh still gives great review. His latest is great wood-burning brick oven cooked pizza, and excellent anti-pastis and pastas at Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca.

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