Monday, February 27, 2006

A sad collection of RIPs

Boing Boing: RIP, Octavia Butler, "genius" science fiction writer

Darren McGavin, 83, who played gruff, grumpy but often goodhearted characters in a profusion of fondly recalled television series and shows, died Feb. 25 in Los Angeles.

Don Knotts was a high-status comic who played low-status roles
. Actors who worked with him almost universally deferred to him as a comedic grandmaster, yet his characters were not jokers but the butts of jokes. He was absolutely flappable. No one had a better tremor or double-take, and with his unmistakable homeliness — bulging eyes, receding chin, stooped shoulders, broad hips — he didn't bother to play the wise fool; he wisely stuck to just the fool. Don Knotts was 81.

Linwood Brown Jr., 68, a Brunswick County, Va., farmer who reaped an uncertain harvest when he challenged years of discrimination against African American farmers by the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
[He] died from complications of a stroke Feb. 21 at Southside Regional Hospital in Petersburg, Va. He lived on a farm near Warfield.

Mr. Brown was one of the founders of the National Black Farmers Association, and he and his organization were successful in efforts to get the USDA to concede that it had denied black farmers the same assistance it had given white farmers. But the victory, so far, has turned out to be more symbolic than real.

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