Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Floyd's for fried seafood, beer, and boiled mudbugs. Everything else seemed a disaster for Robb and guests. 20760 Gulf Freeway, Webster, 281-332-7474.

I took Pat to Mama Ninfa's in Clear Lake for her birthday lunch. She had some mushroom and veggie quesadilla, and I had the lunch fajitas and a ninfarita. Good salsas for the fresh chips. OK rice and beans. Not really much better than Casa Ole and not as good but less expensive than Pappasitos. I still have a bit left on the $20 Ninfa's giftcard. Later after looking at cars I brought her a cup of mango raspa (snow cone) topped with Blue Bell ice cream at a Refresqueria at around 2100 Southmore in Pasadena. Now that was good.

Like an idiot, the next day after looking at cars Pat decided to go with replacing the engine on her Nissan Altima with 185,000 miles on it instead of collecting $500 and buying another car with around 100K miles for around $5000. It is all downhill after you hit 50 and it starts with your brain.

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