Friday, April 14, 2006

Latest Eats Recommendations

Avoid - Money talks at hip but bad Ra Sushi - Robb Walsh.

Go - Anjelica & Angelique's Houston Creole soul food. Location

Go Pasadena - For my birthday Pat took me to a Salvadoran place on Richey where we had seafood soup, pork pupusas and a chicken and yucca tamale. They asked if I wanted half-and-half and egg in the soup and I said sure if it was tipico. Great sopa, a whole crab and lots of stuff in the creamy seafood broth. I have had better papusas and the pickled cabbage wasn't spicy enough. New to me was the maroon(?) fruit drink - which has an odd taste I have yet to fully appreciate. We also split a plantain and cream fried fritter for desert. Really great sopa and Central American style tamale. This was a quick pick and we might also go elsewhere next week. I had to look it up - the name is Pupuseria Y Restaurante Martinez and it is on Richey by Southmore.

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