Thursday, May 25, 2006

How schools are destroying the joy of reading

School literature textbooks in response to conservatives avoid controversial materials and in response to liberals are so multi-culturally inclusive they contain short snippets from every possible group. The results are intellectually light-weight books that contain little worth reading even though they are heavy-weight physically - weighing up to six pounds. Schools now have introductions to reading literature that are boring, uncomfortable and unenjoyable.

How did you become interested in reading? Did school help or hinder that?

As for myself, I switched schools once or twice a year being an Air Force brat so that I don't think any school ruined me. Occasionally a school or teacher encouraged the reading habit. I was not a particularly early reader but then my mother got the idea to start reading to me and leaving the books around so I could re-read them or finish them. This must have been first grade. She also encouraged me to spend my small allowance on books.

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