Monday, May 08, 2006

My boring life

Make some crawfish etouffee Sunday.

Very loosely followed this recipe. No celery but one large yellow bell pepper and most of a red. Did add celery salt, pepper, and garlic and Cajun seasonings. Lowered the butter and replaced half of it with virgin olive oil. Added cream of mushroom soup mentioned as an option. (This was one of the quick "no roux" recipes.) Had it on some chicken flavored rice with sausage my sister had leftover and some toasted rye bread. The crawfish I peeled from a bag of boiled that my step-mother brought over. No where near one pound, peeling takes a lot of time. Had it with a glass of half wine / half soda and another of half wine / half kool-aid fruit punch and a Caesar salad. Very bachelorly.

Friday I went up to see a friend of Pat's in Humble. Helped tear down and saw up some decking and fence and hoped in the pool in the evening. Also went berry picking and later made a berry smoothie. Arden Lee has an interesting huge collection of books and toys and would be great if we ever get a North book group going. She went to the library while Pat and I picked berries. Watched Dr. Who but couldn't get subtitles to come on.

Saturday evening went to IHOP in Clear Lake and had pancakes with Pat and two other members of the Clear Lake SF Book group. Pat talked about the Envisioning Houston 2030 workshop. Invited everyone over to my place and we played Outburst and watched most of Monster-In-Law with sub-titles, with some comments on the camera shots of J-Lo's butt and Jane Fonda's face lift.

Earlier today mowed the back yard and found the dove bird nest I was looking for on the garage. Saw another type baby bird hopping on the ground by the shed but couldn't find the nest and it hid before I was done.

Saw too much of Pat this w/e but we were both bored from staying at home mostly this week waiting to get our regular transportation back.

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