Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life in Houston

I went out to eat with my brother, sister-in-law, and ex-wife Sunday at an excellent Afghanistani restaurant on Bissonnet and watched France play Italy on a Spanish language TV station. Goooaaaal!

The food was terrific and I liked the blond waitress with the mysterious accent. She did manage to lose or forget one of our entries. That was good as the table was overflowing and we were stuffed with the two entries and four appetizers plus Naan bread that did arrive. Four salads also were removed as the other entrees came. The Naan bread and another version stuffed with potatoes and leeks came with yoghurt sauce and a cilantro-jalapeno dipping sauce. The dipping sauce was the only hot item but all items were well seasoned and spicy. The ground meat in small pasta shells was also seasoned with mint. The spinach was like Indian spinach paneer without the cheese and very good.

Amy had hot tea and I had Turkish Coffee. It was genuine Turkish Coffee with a thick sludge on the bottom and spiced with cardamom. I was surprised Pat, who hates strong coffee, liked her two sips but I had dosed it with many sugar cubes and it had all that spice.

Everything was interesting and good and Tandoori Afghanistani is highly recommended despite being out of deserts and some other items.

Pat had seen the restaurant and the Filipiniana Restaurant in the same center on a Red Cross run and, after I convinced Jim and Amy to let Pat drive, this is where we ended up. I can't find the restaurant online but it seems to have replaced Lo Nuestro, a family Guatemalan place at that location. She had gone to Timmy Chan which she was not impressed with on the day of the disaster run and saw these two restaurants pulling out. I believe Jim said they are known for cheap wings and rice.

I then went looking for Bulgarian or Greek yoghurt at the Middle-Eastern food market in the same retail center but had to settle for a sesame seed with fennel seed molasses candy bar and coconut-fruit bars on sale for a quarter each. (Link to similar sesame bar made with date syrup.) They did have Bulgarian Feta cheese, (debate) I didn't need. I don't believe the hype that it makes you lose weight.

I will have to go to Kroger's and buy some Stoneyfield Organic Whole Milk Yogurt and thicken it by straining and add honey soon. I am craving Mediterranean food after my visit to Middle Eastern cuisine.

Stoneyfield has a produced a science fiction climate change movie with some other earth friendly companies. Go Renew US.

Windows XP killed FireFox twice while writing this but the blogger "recover post" function brought most of it back. Thanks Blogger techs.

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