Friday, July 21, 2006

Tacos, Burritos, Oh My

Chasing the Perfect California Coast Taco - New York Times
Do rich people eat tacos? I had heard that wealthy Santa Barbara was a hotbed of authentic taco activity, but I was hard-pressed to believe it. A cruise down quaint, tree-peppered North Milpas Street, however, confirms it. The street is lined with taquerias, including the one that started the craze — La Super Rica Taqueria.

Known to many as “the Julia Child joint” — she was a loyal customer until she died two years ago — La Super Rica is bright and airy, and the tortillas are handmade on the spot. On the cashier’s recommendation, I pair a taco de bistec (charbroiled steak) with a queso de cazuela (a heavenly cheese baked in tomato sauce).
But what is taking place in Houston? Robb Walsh on a visit to Casa de Leon has a friend say:
"In 21st-century Houston, the lines have blurred," Francis observed. "There aren't really any authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants anymore. You can get anything anywhere. It's all mixed up."
Naomi's Tacos on Park Place was named the best Houston location for breakfast tacos. Berryhill's has some of the best fish tacos and tamales but they are high. Freebirds and Mission Burritos has some of the best burritos. Chipotle Mexican Grill burritos is also very good and has a good "Food With Integrity" mission statement - wiki. The Berryhill's in South Pasadena near me has closed - prices were too high, atmosphere lacking. They had a good idea to introduce daily specials at a lower price and then they dropped it.

The best Tex-Mex or Mexican food near me may be Gringo's. Despite being a chain and very gringo it's good. Mamacita's has more Yucatan dishes and Border Grill has some seafood. All are better at lunch in terms of noise, prices, and service.

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