Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Charles Stross blasts the recent Genre neuroses.

Give us his view on What the Hell has been happening to horror, fantasy and SF lately.

I just read two of his recent - the best Hugo worthy book of the last couple years Accelerando. A Five Stars Plus tale of a family living at an accelerating pace into and through the singularity. A free ebook of this is available.

Very different from his The Family Trade - not science fiction, not fantasy, not alt. history, but a "slider" novel about a female investigative reporter who discovers she is a cross-world Mafia princess. I like his SF better than this - which is only OK.

Should novels where the only thing different are people stepping through into a universe next door get their own genre now like alternative history?

Slider is a generic term for parallel universe or alternative dimension fiction. Video. Sliders was a TV show with that them.

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