Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dysfunctional American Families

Little Miss Sunshine

A hilarious dark comedy about a dysfunctional American family all pursueing their American dreams. You are either helping to push the bus together or you're off. 93% not rotten.

In another interesting tale that the American Family Association and the Family Research Council would strongly disapprove of, I also recommend Weeds. This Showtime series about a widower avoiding bankruptcy by becoming a pot dealer, after the overly aggressive first episode, has become another funny look at living the American dream life in the suburbs while holding family together no matter what happens. Weeds music has a myspace and the season one DVD is now out.

Showtime's Weeds joins HBO's excellent Six Feet Under as another look at what World Net Daily calls dysfunctional California families. The Six Feet Under - The Complete Series DVD set will be out later this year.

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