Thursday, August 03, 2006

My recent boring life

Filipiniana Restaurant Lunch buffet was pretty good. The mongo, the kalderata, and the Filipino menudo - nothing like Mexican, were good. In many ways like home-style Mexican food made from the lowest priced cuts of bony meat. Some interesting spices, a fair number of dishes with jalapenos, there was a marinated soy used in one dish. Deserts were brown sugared banana and an odd warm rice pudding with taro and papaya and sugar rice flour balls in it.

A Scanner Darkly was OK, funny and sad but too short. To me it seemed like a graphic novel adaptation of the novel. Pat didn't like the ending.

I still need to see Clerks 2.

Went to another game night at Paul and Amy's. I learned I should not play Risk 2210 with him. We two get into a struggle for control of Australia and the people who have been sitting on South America and Africa and piling up nuclear weapons win. Is almost a five hour game with four slow people. I ended up with 6 points - I think Paul with 13, the two others had around 50. I was doing much better on the Moon, except that it is too easy to invade and there are a lot of rocket strike cards that can be used against it. A fun game anyway as Paul and I were repeatedly victimized by wild attacks, one I pulled on Paul, and I retaliated with odd strategies based on cards. Asia was nearly wiped out early with a Mother of all Bombs. I went from Australia to the Balkans to bust Europe and when attacked played a space base, and three hidden reinforcement cards on it. Someone came over and asked how things were going after about three hours and I explained we were only on the third turn. @#$%#$! Good thing it ends in five.
What does Iceland GRC stand for?
"Iceland GRC" is an abbreviation for Iceland Genetic Research Center.
Some terrific SF books read recently I'll post about soon. I went to the library and so of course I don't return them on time. I find it better to just buy the books on sale at the library for 50 cents, cheaper too.

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